Dining Room: Cabinets and Storage

Modern dining-room.Cabinets, buffets and hutches in a dining room can provide for all the storage needs of the room. There are many styles to choose from depending on the desired look of the dining room.

Types of Cabinets, Buffets & Hutches

There are many types of cabinets, buffets and hutches that are available for dining rooms. Often, dining room sets will offer cabinets, hutches and buffets that match for an additional cost. These pieces typically come in wood – commonly rustic, cherry wood, oak, pine or maple. Wrought iron may be integrated into these styles. Glass is also very common in these pieces of furniture. Glass cabinet doors give an air of elegance and also allows for some dishes, art and other showcase pieces to be displayed. Buffets and hutches typically supplies storage for silverware and dishware and may offer some space to put a few pieces on display. These pieces of furniture allow for extra storage but also allow dining room items to be kept close at hand.

Built-in cabinets are also another choice. Some homeowners are remodeling a wall into cabinets and shelves to create lots of storage or building smaller vertical cabinets next to a window – typically that space is not very useful. In these cabinets items that are not used often or items to be highlighted are placed here. This allows homeowners to design cabinets that are custom to their styles and what storage is needed in their dining room. These cabinets are also wall-mounted which keep bulky furniture off the floor. With this design technique, dining rooms often appear larger and more open.

Current Trends in Cabinets, Buffets & Hutches

Floating storage items are very much in style nowadays. A floating buffet for instance does make a room feel larger as the floor is kept clear. Floating a buffet means removing the legs of the piece and installing it to the wall. Floating buffets are not only in style they also allow modern pieces of art, dishware and treasures to be showcased, creating a focal point in the room.

Sleek, contemporary cabinets are trendy. When purchasing a new dining room set, choose pieces that are not bulky and chunky but instead opt for stylish, sleek and minimalistic pieces. Of course accenting these pieces of furniture with bold, bright and colorful dishware can also help transform a dining room into today’s trends as well as adding color to an otherwise more neutral room.

Pricing of Cabinets, Buffets & Hutches

Cabinets, buffets and hutches vary in price however they can be fairly expensive in general. Pieces that are co-ordinated with dining room tables and chairs are often the most expensive, especially if they are made from solid wood. Cherry wood hutches and buffets are typically very expensive. Hutches and buffets can also be purchased separately, years apart. These pieces are sometimes less expensive and give an eclectic look to a room. Of course built-in cabinets may be a cheaper option, depending on size and materials. With custom built cabinets, there is a little more control over the price, especially if it a do-it-yourself project.


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