Home Office: Book Cases

White square wall-mounted book casesBookcases are available in many different widths, heights and types. They can be used to store as well as display many kinds of objects in different rooms, including a home office.

Types of Bookcases

The two main categories bookcases fall into are freestanding or built-in. Freestanding bookcases are usually more versatile and portable than built-ins. One kind of freestanding bookcase is folding bookcases. These bookcases usually have three or four shelves, are easily placed in other areas of the office and are very versatile.  Some are even made for corners which can help to maximize the use of space in a home office. Another type is a bookcase desk – a desk that is attached to a bookcase. This allows for a place to work plus have books, files etc that are very easily accessible while working. The bookcase can be attached vertical to the back of the desk or may have bookcases built into the sides and front of the desk. The desk is typically compact with the bookcases either small or large depending on the model.

Built-in bookcases can be designed to suit the user’s needs and can look very attractive in a home office. Built-ins often have some lower shelving that is closed in with doors which can hide many items in a home office. The top shelves are usually open which are perfect for storing books, baskets and boxes of odds and ends as well as other decorative items. Sometimes even the desk in an office is built in with built-in bookcases surrounding it.

Current Trends in Bookcases

One trend in bookcases is a freestanding one that lines a wall and is of a maze-like shape. This can draw attention to the bookcase as it is very different, especially if placed in a good location in the office. These bookcases are perfect for a mix of books and decorative accents for the home office.

Another trend is to have grand bookcases built-in to the home office. Painted or stained bookcases that are large with decorative molding around it are fairly popular in home offices. This gives a striking presence of the bookcases in the room instead of trying to hide the bookcase in a corner or other small space in the office.

Pricing of Bookcases

Bookcases can vary significantly depending on whether the bookcase is freestanding or built-in, quality of workmanship and type of material used for construction. Freestanding bookcases are usually less expensive, especially if they are made from pine or synthetic materials. These bookcases can provide convenient storage in a home office for low-cost. Freestanding bookcases made from fine hardwoods and of very good quality on the other hand are much more expensive. However, these bookcases will most likely last a lot longer than a cheap, low quality bookcase. Built-in bookcases can be very expensive, although adding one or two to an existing design of a home office may not increase the overall cost of the office significantly.

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