Living Room: Sofas

Leather sofa with rainbow of pillowsSofas are available in many shapes, sizes, styles, colors and materials. Shop around for the right look and style for your living room.

Types of Sofas

There are many types of sofas offered for a living room. The traditional sofa is generally about 6 to 8 feet long and can seat three people comfortably. This is the most common type of sofa chosen for a living room. A convertible sofa can also be used as an additional bed for guests. Newer convertible sofas tend to come with an inflatable mattress, providing a more comfortable sleeping surface than convertible sofa mattresses of the past. A loveseat is similar to a traditional sofa but smaller – it typically fits 2 people. This kind of sofa is perfect for smaller living rooms. A settee is a type of loveseat but is considered more formal. This type of sofa sits higher, has a wood frame with open arms and is usually upholstered. A divan is considered to be a sofa without a back on it. Instead, the divan rests against a wall and pillows are used for more comfort. A sectional sofa is the largest sofa of all. It usually measures 9 to 16 feet and is separated into sections. These sections can be repositioned so that it fits is any shape of living room.

In addition to these types of sofas, sofas also come in many different colors and materials. Upholstery, suede and leather are all materials that sofas can be covered in. Among these materials, there are a multitude of colors from which to choose. Sofas can be bought from stock at furniture retailers or can be custom ordered.

Current Trends in Sofas

Soft, buttery fine leather sofas can make a living room feel rich. Add a few shimmery throw pillows to the sofa and this adds a bold and bright dimension to the room. This is considered the “Hollywood” look and is quite modern for living rooms. A whole different look that is in style nowadays is the patchwork sofa. This sofa has colorful patchwork as its theme and allows a vintage style to be shown in a living room. Add other vintage accessories to the patchwork sofa and makes the room have a bright, colorful vintage appeal to it. Color trends to go with sofas include dark colors, and contrasts such as white and black.

Pricing of Sofas

Sofas can be a fairly expensive purchase depending on the kind of sofa purchased. Simple, upholstered traditional sofas may be the least expensive of all sofas. While loveseats are smaller than these sofas, they are not typically much less expensive. Convertible sofas can range from being cheaper up to very expensive depending on the features it includes. Sectional sofas can be very expensive, usually as a result of their size and versatility. Of course, ordering a custom sofa can be somewhat costly as well, especially if it is made with the finest leather.

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