Bathroom: Accessories

Soap Dish and LinensChanging the accessories is an inexpensive way to give a completely different look in a bathroom. For most accessories, they are simple to change and a worthwhile project. Here are some budget-friendly accessories that can be easily changed:


There are many types of faucets for bathrooms. Wall-mounted faucets are very modern, whether they are used for sinks, showers or bathtubs. Hands-free faucets for sinks are popular in bathrooms, and are especially useful in children’s bathrooms. In addition to the kind of faucet, the type of material it is made from also needs to be considered. Polished chrome is a shiny and classic look that works well with many décor styles. Bronze gives a more rustic or romantic feel, and is functional. Nickel faucets can come in a shiny finish or brushed finished, depending on the look for the bathroom. The choice of faucets can depend on the budget. Chrome or nickel faucets that sit behind the sink the traditional way can be fairly inexpensive. Wall-mounted specialty bathroom faucets are generally more expensive.


Bathroom lighting can have a dramatic effect on a bathroom. A modern look is to hang fixtures alongside the vanity mirrors. These lighting fixtures offer better light than overhead for grooming. Wall-mounted sconces are also quite popular and can give a more direct but soft look. Lighting in the shower area requires a rating for damp areas. The most popular trend today in bathroom lighting is to use recessed lighting fixtures. However, these should not be used as the main source of lighting in the bathroom as they could cast shadows. Bathroom lighting varies in price depending on kind and size. Shop around and try out different lighting prior to purchasing.

Bath Linens

Bath linens consist of shower curtains, bath mats and rugs as well as towels. In today’s trends, colors in a bathroom are light and airy. Buying bath linens are a very easy way to change the appearance in a bathroom. The texture of the bath linens can effectively provide warmth. For example textured shower curtains, perhaps made of weaved linen or cotton can bring texture to a bathroom to create warmth. Vinyl shower curtains will not be found in a modern bath. Big, luxurious towels placed around a bathroom can be very inviting. It is common to see baskets of fluffy towels placed strategically on the floor or on a counter. Also inviting are multiple bath mats. Bath mats made of memory foam that are plush and soft are very popular.


Changing the hardware can give a bathroom a new, updated look and is usually very easy to do. Swap out outdated hardware accessories such as a towel rack or ring, toilet tissue holder, robe and towel hooks for a more modern look. Another hardware accessory that can be easily updated is vanity hardware. There are pulls or knobs for vanities depending on preference or type of vanity. These hardware accessories come in many materials including chrome, bronze, nickel and stainless steel. The price of such accessories varies depending on material and quality. Oil-rubbed bronze can be more expensive than stainless steel, with chrome and nickel falling somewhere in between. These accessories can be purchased singly or in a pack – typically the pack is less expensive.

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