Kitchen: Large Appliances

Stainless Steel FridgeThe large appliances in a kitchen can be hard to hide in comparison to small appliances; therefore it is important that these large appliances fit in with a kitchen.

Types of Large Appliances

The fridge is an important large appliance in a kitchen. Fridges come in various styles and colors, depending on personal preference. Styles include: traditional style with a freezer top and fridge bottom; side by side style with the freezer on the left side and the fridge on the right; top and bottom style with the fridge on top and freezer on bottom and the French door style with two doors for the fridge and the freezer on the bottom. Colors can vary between white, black, silver, stainless steel etc.

There are many types of ovens – gas or electric, convection or conventional, self-cleaning or not; dual or single. There are many options nowadays for ovens and each ones vary so much from the other so a little research is needed prior to choosing one.

A separate freezer is sometimes needed in a kitchen, especially with a larger family. A freezer does not need to be a bulky appliance in a kitchen as they come horizontal or vertical and in many sizes. The standard freezer color is white however; stainless steel and black are becoming a little more popular.

Microwaves have changed a lot over the years and now offer many more different options than they previously did. Other than the standard microwave, there are convection and tri-vection ones. Another popular option is the warming option of a microwave.

Dishwashers are very common large appliances in a kitchen and have evolved significantly over the years. Some current features of a dishwasher include: droop-down front panel door, pull-out rack, cutlery baskets, stainless steel or plastic insides and sensor-assisted wash cycles.

Current Trends in Large Appliances

Integrated large appliances in a kitchen are the most current trend. Fridges turned into a piece of furniture or integrated in the cabinet is very popular. Dishwashers are another appliance that is being integrated into the cabinets. Instead of large, bright steel appliances being the focal point in a kitchen, the design of the kitchen becomes the focus.

Stainless steel or even polished chrome appliances combined with wood-painted cabinets is another a popular design trend. This look gives a modern, sleek look to a kitchen and can be done in stages rather than an entire kitchen overhaul at one time.

Pricing of Large Appliances

The cost of large appliances in a kitchen can be very expensive. Some people choose to purchase these appliances individually over time as needed whereas those renovating or moving into a new home will most likely purchase an entire set of these appliances. Obviously quality, manufacturer and material (i.e. stainless steel versus standard white) will all play a role in price. The features of each large appliance will also factor into price. One way to save a bit of money if buying new large appliances is to purchase an appliance package from a manufacturer. Sometimes manufacturers will provide customers with discounts for buying an entire set of appliances.


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