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Garage with floor inlaysGarages can be very functional for many things – extra storage, workbenches, tools etc. There are many different ideas for layouts of garages depending on the homeowner’s needs.

Design Ideas for Garages

As people are deciding to renovate their homes more than move into new homes, storage space always becomes an issue. One idea would be to have additional storage space in a home garage. There are many organization systems to choose from or can be designed depending on individual needs. Ideas include just hanging some plywood in the garage and adding some shelving, wire baskets and hooks. This way the homeowner can customize the storage space according to the needs of the household. Another idea is to line a wall with some cabinets to hide away clutter and make things less visible. This gives a more streamlined appearance to the garage. There are also pre-built storage systems that can be bought and installed. This idea might be more useful for those who do not have time to design what they want or need a storage space completed quickly.

Another use for a garage is a work area. Designing a workbench with space to work on a project plus storing tools. Projects such as automotive building and repairing are perfect for garage work areas. Some workbench ideas include: metal top workbench, jack and jack stand holder, grease gun holster, shelving and drawer organizers.  Cabinets can also be integrated into the design, especially to hide tools away and to keep them organized.

Current Trends in Garages

One current trend in garages is to create a “man cave”. Man caves can incorporate many hobbies and interests. Ideas for man caves includes workshops, bars, sports, home theatres, breweries, and of course multi-purpose spaces. Sometimes a man cave cannot be accommodated in an ideal location like a basement and the garage is the perfect alternative. Man caves be designed for any hobby or interest, all it takes is some imagination. For instance, for someone who loves sports may design a sports bar or someone who loves to work on projects may choose to take the garage and build a massive workbench with all the tools necessary plus have a television.

In many houses parking can be an issue and in some places, on the street parking is prohibited. As a result, some people are choosing to install auto elevators. Outfitting a garage with an auto elevator is becoming more reasonable in price. An auto elevator allows for a car to be pulled into the garage and then lifted with a push of a button. This allows for another car to be parked underneath.

Pricing of Garages

Garage layouts vary significantly as to what the garage is being used for. For simple organization of yard tools, automotive accessories, a few storage boxes etc, the cost of such an organization system is quite inexpensive. Of course once cabinets and built-ins are factored into the design, the cost will increase. For a work area garage, it all depends on the size of the workbench, what tools need to be stored, and the materials used to create such a space. 

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