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Angular Bathtub in Blue BathroomBath and shower options in a bathroom have certainly increased over recent years, making the decision that much harder. One consideration should be space – how much space is available in the bathroom for these fixtures? Another consideration is price – the prices of baths and showers vary drastically depending on style, features and quality.

Styles of Bath & Shower Fixtures

The standard bath & shower fixture is the two-in-one combination. This fixture is standard among most homebuilders and works well in smaller spaces where perhaps there is not enough room to have a separate bath and shower. These fixtures can be one or two-piece acrylic or can be tiled. Freestanding tubs and showers are becoming more popular, especially in spacious bathrooms. Clawfoot tubs are just one type of freestanding tubs and are becoming very trendy. These tubs are imitated after the 19th century tubs and come in various styles. Some freestanding tubs even incorporate showers, again efficiently using space. Jacquzzi and soaker tubs are commonly found in ensuite bathrooms, although more and more consumers are using them in main baths. These relaxing and inviting tubs are specialty tubs that can be much more expensive than the standard. There are many styles of freestanding showers to choose from depending on preference and space. Some examples include completely tiled stand alone showers, tiled stand alone showers with an acrylic base, glass showers and acrylic showers.

Current Trends in Bath and Shower Fixtures

Designing today’s bathroom is focused on convenience and luxury. Bath and shower fixtures are design elements that can greatly influence these factors. Many people may consider the ideal ensuite to have a separate shower and tub. The look to achieve is “spa-like” – creating a place of relaxation. Some ways to accomplish this look may be a deep stand-alone soaker tub, a large walk-in shower and natural finishes throughout the bathroom. Incorporating glass into the bathroom also gives a “spa-like” style, especially glass enclosed showers or even a glass bathtub. Bathtubs made of wood and natural stone (such as marble) are very modern fixtures but also gives that natural, calming effect.

Prices of Bath and Shower Fixtures

The shower/tub combination is typically the most cost-effective fixture for a bathroom. Instead of designing two spaces, it’s all combined into one area. Of course, there are even price differences among this style, depending on materials and quality. Acrylic shower/bathtub inserts may be cheaper than buying a bathtub and tiling the surrounding area. If the space and budget allows for it, freestanding tubs and showers would be the next step up. Again for this style, price varies significantly depending on quality of materials and types of materials used. Ceramic tile can be more reasonably priced for separate showers whereas using marble or other stones would dramatically increase the price. For freestanding tubs, a basic acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement tub would be much cheaper than a marble or glass bathtub. Depending on the budget in hand, homeowners can pick and choose which fixtures in the bathroom they’d like to splurge on and which ones they prefer to keep at a minimum cost.

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