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Toilet in Red Tile BathroomToilets have changed quite a bit over the last few decades. As such, there is an overwhelming choice in styles, materials and quality when purchasing a new toilet.

Styles of Toilets

Depending on personal preference, there are many styles of toilets to choose from. Most of today’s toilets are focused around water-saving technology. There are standards as to how much water a toilet can use. Dual-flush toilets are a fairly recent development and are a great water-saving option. There are two buttons on the tank – one for partial flush or liquid waste and a full flush for solid waste. Pressure-assisted toilets are very popular – they make up about half of toilet purchases. These toilets may be a good choice for large families with homes that met the necessary water pressure minimum. Keep in mind these toilets are noisier than others and more expensive. Gravity-feed toilets rely on gravity and works with smaller water pressure. These toilets are generally quieter and the better models that are comparable to pressure-assisted toilets may be of similar price. There is also a choice between one and two piece toilets. A two-piece toilet has separate bowl and tank, which are joined together when the toilet is installed. A one-piece toilet is one device – the bowl and tank are molded together. One consideration when deciding between the two styles is that once-piece toilets are easier to clean than two-piece ones.

Current Trends in Toilets

Toilets that use water-saving technology are very common nowadays, mostly due to government standards but also society’s desire to protect the environment. Therefore, toilets such as dual-flush toilets are becoming increasingly popular. Another popular trend is a toilet rim that is higher. A rim that is a few inches higher than usual is considered “comfort height”, a growing trend with aging baby boomers. As for one or two-piece toilets, the sleeker look of the one-piece toilet is preferred nowadays in contrast to the two-piece toilet. Another trend with toilets is giving the toilet some privacy, especially in the master bath. Relocating the toilet to a less conspicuous space and perhaps installing a privacy wall, is an aspect being worked into many designs of master bathrooms.

Pricing of Toilets

Like most bathroom fixtures, toilets can vary in price depending on manufacturer, quality, style and even color. Standard colors such as white or off-white are much cheaper than a less typical color like black. Usually toilets in standard colors are in-stock and do not have to be special ordered, also helping to keep cost at a minimum. Toilets can range from $50 to over $5000 depending on features and manufacturers. For example, Kohler is a well-known quality manufacturer so Kohler products will typically be more expensive than a less well-known manufacturer who produces lower quality toilets. Dual-flush toilets are generally more expensive than single-flush toilets, considering the technology they use. As for one or two-piece toilets, two-piece toilets that are comparable to the one-piece toilet are less expensive toilets.

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