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Bathroom Vanity in Stone and TileChanging a vanity can create a whole different style in a bathroom. A vanity can be a focal point in a bathroom so replacing one can give it a dramatic change, especially with all of the different styles, size, shapes and textures available.

Types of Bathroom Vanities

There are many types of vanities to choose from when designing a bathroom. For example, floating vanities are wall-mounted and do not touch the floor instead of standard vanities that stand flat on the floor. These vanities have a very contemporary look. Frameless vanities do not have a face frame and the door hinges are concealed. Some may feel that a frameless vanity looks too cold and therefore may add a traditional door style to the vanity to soften up the look.

The size of vanity needs to be considered. Vanities can be small, about 18 inches long or they can be over 60 inches. Along with the size of the vanity another choice when designing a bathroom is whether to incorporate one or two sinks in the vanity. This is obviously only a consideration for a larger vanity.

Current Trends in Bathroom Vanities

One current trend in bathroom vanities is dueling vanities. Dueling vanities are considered his and her sinks and vanities in the same bathroom, typically an ensuite. Dueling vanities allow for both people to have their own individual space. This style of vanities require extra space, although possibly not too much more than a single 60 inch vanity if the single vanities are smaller.

Floating vanities are a strong trend in bathrooms due to the attractiveness and practicality of the vanity. This design is preferred for those who only have room for a single vanity and want to use the vanity as a centerpiece for the bathroom. This style can be very functional, especially if they are paired with a tall storage unit.

Teak vanities are also currently in style. Teak flows very well in a modern bathroom and pairs nicely with natural stones, which is also a current trend. Teak is also practical as it can be finished to be water-resistant and bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Teak can add a relaxing and natural feel to any bathroom. Regardless of the type of vanity that is selected, a rustic style offers a natural appearance with a comfortable feel.

Price of Bathroom Vanities

There are various factors to consider when looking at the prices of bathroom vanities. For a small vanity, the price usually starts around $100 and can climb up to thousands for a larger one. Other than the obvious influence of size, other influences include cabinet and countertop materials, quality of workmanship and whether there is one or two sinks involved. Cabinets made of solid wood such as cherry are much more expensive than cabinets made of MDF and are painted. As for countertops, laminate is the cheaper choice of all countertop selections. Natural stones such as quartz vary in price and are generally much more expensive than laminate, increasing the overall cost of the vanity. Don’t let price deter purchasing a new bathroom vanity, there are many styles of vanities to choose from to fit all sizes of budgets.

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