Kitchen: Accessories

White plates with bright placematsThere are many accessories to choose from in a kitchen. From lighting to décor to hardware and faucets there are styles and choices for any budget.

Types of Accessories

Proper lighting in a kitchen can make a huge difference in how a kitchen appears. Some styles of lighting include: track lighting, pendant lights, recessed lighting etc depending on the function of the lighting. The three main types of lighting in a kitchen are: general illumination, highlighting or accent lighting and task lighting. Depending on personal preference and the layout of the kitchen, all three types may be needed or perhaps just two.

There is a vast selection of kitchen faucets from which to choose. The main types of faucets include: single handle, dual handle, pullout spray handle, and wall mounted. There are also different styles of each of these types and different materials, i.e. chrome, nickel, bronze etc. The faucet should integrate well with the overall kitchen and not stand out by itself.

Hardware for the kitchen cabinets and drawers is a subtle change that can be made to update a kitchen. There are pulls, handles and knobs to choose from and each category has countless styles and finishes to select from. Hardware should flow with the kitchen design. Choosing a more dated pull for cabinets in a very trendy kitchen can set off the look of the kitchen.

Kitchen linens are also accessories that can be used, relatively inexpensively to update or change a look in the kitchen. These accessories include towels, tablecloths, napkins, placemats, seat covers and dish cloths. There are many textures and textiles to choose from and any color imaginable is available. Kitchen linens are one easy way to add some color to a kitchen, especially a kitchen done in neutral tones.

Current Trends in Accessories

For faucets, pullout ones are in style. This could be because of their sleek look or also just for the added convenience. Another faucet that is becoming increasingly popular is touch faucets. These faucets are touch sensitive and just by touching it, it will turn on.

Finger pulls are becoming a popular choice for cabinet hardware. These pulls may be small finger grabs on top of the cabinet door or cut into the edge of the panel. The goal of these finger pulls is to have less visual clutter on the kitchen cabinets.

Lighting in the kitchen has changed significantly over the years and there is much more different lighting to choose from. Recessed lighting into the ceiling supplies the kitchen with overall ambient lighting – a popular choice of lighting in kitchens. Chandeliers, pendant lights and other hanging light fixtures add some accent or task lighting. Under-cabinet lighting is also a must-have for modern kitchens, especially LED lighting.

Pricing of Accessories

Kitchen accessories can cost very little, for example buying some new kitchen towels to add some color or can be much more expensive like adding recessed lighting or buying a top of the line wall mounted touch-sensitive faucet. Of course there is a variety of choices in between if looking to renovate or update a kitchen. Even changing out the cabinet hardware can be costly, depending on the materials and styles involved. But keep in mind there are sizes, styles of all kitchen accessories to meet every budget.

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