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Many people may change the accessories in a bedroom to have a dramatic effect on the overall style of the room. Accessory changes are often simpler and less expensive than changing larger items in a room. Accessories in a bedroom can consist of many items for various parts of the room.

Types of Accessories

Types of bedroom accessories include items for the walls, floors, windows and furniture. Lighting is an accessory that includes lamps, chandeliers, sconces and reading lights. Changing poor lighting in a bedroom to be more efficient can really make a difference in a bedroom. Wall art, wall hangings and picture frames are bedroom accessories that should be chosen to integrate into the design style of the room.  Window treatments are also accessories that need to be selected with care as inappropriate window treatments can disengage an otherwise well-coordinated room. If the bedroom is large enough, some strategically placed occasional furniture can enhance the style of a bedroom. Such furniture can provide extra storage space, some sitting space or may just placed in a room to create a certain look.

Current Trends in Accessories

Bedroom accessories this year are very colorful and luxurious choices. Accessories are layered with plush textures to make them that much more opulent. Glittery textiles and jewel-like accessories are very modern and should not be shied away from. Various pottery pieces and vases are in style to decorate a bedroom, especially those rich in browns and neutrals. Decorative accent pillows on the bed that are made from luxurious velvets, faux furs, silks and satins can give a bedroom some different textures. The mirrors in a bedroom also play a large role for style as well, especially oversized mirrors as they allow more light in the room and can make a space feel larger. As for wall artwork, the current trend is bigger is better. Accessorizing a bedroom can be fun and with today’s trends, don’t be shy with adding splashes of color and rich textures.

Pricing of Accessories

Bedroom accessories vary significantly in price, depending on the kind of accessory. Working with smaller accessories can usually get a similar design effect without having to make expensive furniture purchases. If adding some color to the bedroom is desired, throw pillows are a very cheap way of doing this. Or to brighten a room, buy an oversized mirror or add some additional light fixtures – again, these items can be cheap accessories to change. Occasional furniture and window treatments can be a little pricier to change but typically these items do not need to be changed as often as other bedroom accessories. Careful consideration should be taken when selecting these items and it might be wise to choose more traditional or versatile pieces that can be integrated into many styles.

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