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Office desk with lightThere are many home office accessories available that will make efficient use of space and/or be aesthetically appealing in a home office.

Types of Accessories

When choosing accessories for a home office, the design of the room as well as functionality should be considered. There are many different accessories to select from and usually depend on personal style and preference. Another consideration is to acknowledge who else will be using the office –clients, other family members, colleagues etc.

Lamps are often an accessory found in a home office. Typically these are desk or small table lamps. These lamps can provide some additional lighting when working late or there is insufficient lighting in the room. These lamps can also be decorative in an office.

Desk organizers can keep clutter away from a home office. They come in many shapes and sizes with different features depending on needs. Some organizers include: in/out boxes, mail slots, file slots, pen holders and paper holders. Organizers can be made of plastic, metals and other synthetic materials and can be very small pieces or a large organizer.

Home office décor accessories can give the space a homey feel. Accessories can include paintings, photographs, knick knacks, collectibles and vases. Not only can these accessories can provide visual stimulation but it can also create a welcoming feel in the space. Framed family photographs can add some personal touches to a home office and may make the room even more inviting.

Current Trends in Accessories

Home offices do not need to look like traditional office spaces any longer. Personal touches, unconventional accessories and homey pieces are all quite acceptable in today’s home offices.

Desk organizers will never go out of style in a home office as they are necessary. However, the types, shapes, sizes and colors of desk organizers often change. Currently, desk organizers made from natural wood are very popular. These containers of raw wood can organize many things, ranging from pens and pencils to plants.

Trends are also currently designed around items that perform double duty. Some of these items may include ottomans that are seating for guests and clients but can also store things that are not regularly used, organizers that also have plant holders in addition to holding pens and pencils etc. Practical home office accessories are becoming more and more popular as people are creating more home offices and not all have the space needed to create a large room.

Pricing of Accessories

Pricing of home office accessories varies depending on what the accessory is. Small desk organizers can amount to a few dollars whereas flashy artwork can be in the thousands. If budget is a consideration, it is quite easy to outfit a home office to make it efficient and functional but also welcoming. Small pieces of decorative art, photographs and knick knacks can make a home office feel homey but inexpensively. Items such as lamps, organizers, flip charts, desk planners, book ends and storage baskets are all fairly inexpensive additions to an office but can make a big difference in the décor of the space.

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