Kitchen: Tables, Chairs and Bars

Modern dining corner with black tables and chairsSelecting the right kind of furniture for the seating area in a kitchen can become fairly daunting if you do not know exactly what you are looking for. Nowadays there are many types of kitchen tables, chairs and bars to select from.

Types of Tables, Chairs and Bars

Kitchen table and chairs can be traditional or contemporary. Traditional styles include round, oval, square or rectangular tables that sit in the dedicated seating area. These tables can be made of different types of wood, for example maple, cherry wood, pine, just to name a few or they can also be made out of glass, wrought iron, steel and so on. A glass kitchen table has been known to make a seating space feel larger than it is. Pub style kitchen tables have chairs that are higher than traditional kitchen chairs. Corner kitchen tables are useful for small spaces as it allows the table to be tucked away in a corner which is usually not prime space in a kitchen. Another way to save some space is to use a bench on one side of the table instead of chairs. A bench saves space as there does not need to be as much space allocated to a bench as there is a chair.

Alternatively, a breakfast bar can replace a traditional kitchen table. Breakfast bars can be an extension of an island in a kitchen. A breakfast bar allows stools or chairs to be place around the bar, giving seating space. This kind of kitchen “table” is becoming more popular, especially in houses that are being built or kitchens being renovated. Breakfast bars may replace kitchen tables totally or may be added to a kitchen with a table and chairs.

Current Trends in Tables, Chairs and Bars

Currently the kitchen is the “social” area in a house. Over-sized islands are becoming extremely popular in kitchens which allow for cooking, prep work as well as dining. These islands typically have breakfast bars so while meals are being made, people can sit on the other side. These islands make for a social plus typically spacious area for entertaining.

A slight variation to the kitchen island is a kitchen table that is made of the same cabinetry as in the kitchen. It is a traditional kitchen table with chairs surrounded it but flows with the kitchen cabinets. It has a second duty as a prep island when more space is needed in the kitchen.

Pricing of Tables, Chairs and Bars

Kitchen tables are available to meet any budget and style desired. Traditional kitchen tables and chairs are more budget friendly than expensive islands with stools around the breakfast bar. Oftentimes, kitchen tables and matching chairs can come as package which can be less expensive than purchasing than purchasing the pieces individually. Glass tables can also be less expensive depending on the design and detail. Stools and chairs for around a breakfast bar can vary in price, depending on quality and materials used. Genuine leather stools are typically more expensive than plain wooden stools.

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