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Fitness club style weight training equipment gymHome gyms are becoming more popular as people become more health conscious and gym memberships are becoming more and more expensive.

Design Ideas for Home Gyms

There are many ideas and layouts for a home gym, depending on preference of equipment, size of space, kind of work out equipment etc. If space is an issue, consideration needs to be made to create a compact but useable gym. Some ideas for spaces include: punching bag, yoga and meditation, cardio, aerobic, stretching and weights. Some additional features that home gyms may have are saunas, whirlpools, steam baths, showers and pools.

Often home gyms may double as other rooms when not in use – unless of course, there is a room to spare in the house to host a home gym. For example, a guest bedroom could also function as a home gym provided that there is storage space for the equipment, and still room for a bed. Sometimes a piece of cardio equipment can be found in a home office. This allows workout breaks throughout the work day. Add in some cabinets to store a few weights, mats and other small gym accessories and the room becomes a combination of home gym and office.    A bench or ottoman with built-in storage is also great accessories to include in a home office/gym to store towels, weights and small equipment.

Current Trends in Home Gyms

Commonly yoga, Pilates and meditation spaces can be found in home gyms nowadays. These spaces can be found in nooks around the house or housed in a section of a home gym. Cabinets to store mats, exercise bands, yoga blocks help keep the equipment out of site. An ideal spot for such a space would be by a window with enough space to really be able to stretch without hitting a wall.

Another current trend in home gyms is to have a TV, iPod speaker system and Smartphone charging stations. These electronic devices have become a way of life for many and therefore have started to be integrated into home gyms. As many people find, these devices also provides a distraction while working out.

Pricing of Home Gyms

The cost of home gyms range significantly depending on equipment, size, style and so on. Large home gyms found in basements or rooms in a home are significantly more expensive, especially if added in other features such as saunas, whirlpools etc. Small home gyms found in nooks of a house can be very inexpensive and does not require much effort to put together. As for home gyms that double as other rooms in the house, they can become a little more costly. Cabinets built for hiding pieces of equipment can be costly. Sometimes if the home office/gym is being designed and built, the room can be expensive to try to integrate the two spaces into one. Other ideas for storing items (i.e. in bookcases, closets etc) may be cheap or expensive depending on the quality, size etc.

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