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Modern kitchen interior with ceramic floorWhen building or renovating a kitchen, there is a plethora of kitchen flooring from which to choose. Décor, style, features and cost are all factors to consider when making a selection.

Types of Flooring

Concrete flooring can be made to look decorative by staining; it does not heat up and can keep your kitchen cooler. It is easy to maintain and can be made to look like slate, tile, hardwood or even marble.

Laminate floors can be used for kitchens. Laminate is a synthetic floor which can be made to look like other types of flooring. There is a tough plastic layer on the top which makes it more durable. Laminate can come in many different finishes and colors.

Rubber flooring is considered the best type of kitchen flooring among chefs. This floor is long-lasting, easy to clean, is comfortable to stand on and can withstand a lot of traffic. Rubber flooring comes in many colors that can suit any kitchen.

Vinyl flooring can be found in sheets or tiles and is a common type of floor in a kitchen. Vinyl is popular because it lasts a long time, is easy to install and to maintain and is budget friendly. Higher-end vinyl does come with a top layer of urethane which allows the floor to retain its shine.

Hardwood floor in a kitchen goes with any style and décor. This flooring can be installed with strip, planks or squares. It comes in different woods and colors. Hardwood flooring gives a kitchen a cozy feel that will last a lifetime.

Bamboo and cork kitchen flooring are also becoming popular choices in kitchens. Bamboo is environmentally friendly and looks warm and beautiful. Cork flooring has some antimicrobial properties, cushions the feet and chances are, if something is dropped on it, it does not break.

Lastly, there is ceramic tile. Tile is suitable for any kitchen and style, it is easy to install yourself, is very easy to clean and there is virtually any shape and pattern is available. Of course, tiles can crack; they are cold and hard and can be slippery when wet.

Current Trends in Flooring

One new trend in kitchen flooring is bamboo. It is becoming the alternative to hardwood flooring and is just as beautiful. It is versatile, durable and strong. Bamboo is easy to maintain however it is more susceptible to scratches. Bamboo comes in many different colors so it fits in nicely with any kitchen décor.

Cork flooring is another modern trend. This flooring looks unique and there are many types of finishing. It is also popular because it just feels good and cushiony under the feet. Cork has a natural substance which helps to guard against rot, some pests, mold and mildew. Overall, cork floors hold its warmth and can be beautiful with its texture.

Pricing of Flooring

Pricing often plays a large role in the selection of flooring. Cork floors can be fairly expensive. An alternative to expensive hardwood is bamboo. Ceramic tiles can be expensive depending on whether its installation is done by a professional or whether it is a do-it-yourself project. Vinyl flooring can be very budget friendly as long as it is done as tiles instead of sheets – sheets often need a professional to install them. There are various options of flooring for any kitchen style and budget.


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