Dining Room: Table and Chairs

White dining room table and chairsThe table in the dining room is the central piece of furniture as it takes up a major size of space as well as it sets the tone of the room. It is not just about the size and style when selecting a dining room table and chairs but consideration also needs to be given to the mood and environment desired for the room.

Types of Tables & Chairs

Dining room tables can be made with many materials including wood, slate, wrought iron, glass and marble. Each type of material has different variations as well. Thought should be given to the style preferred but also the lifestyle in the house – are there children, do things get spilled a lot etc. There are also many choices of table sizes. Sizes 48”, 54” and 60” are common sizes for a dining room table with the 60” providing seating for about 8 people. Size 72” is standard for a rectangular table which also seats 8 people. As for dining room tables, common styles include: traditional oval, round pedestal, rustic modern, trestle and farmhouse. Traditional oval is classic and is also made of beautiful wood, round pedestal is preferred by some as there are no table legs to deal with, rustic modern is made from worn wood and is usually rectangular, trestle is an old style and gives a more casual feel and the farmhouse style is relaxed and rustic. Dining room chairs are typically purchased with the table and complements the table.

Current Trends in Tables & Chairs

While some houses and condos are doing without dining rooms, in general formal dining rooms are still very much in style and therefore dining room table and chairs are still popular. Smaller dining room sets are being designed for condos whereas larger sets are being created for houses with formal dining rooms. Trends in dining room sets include plush and luxurious combined with wood, sleek and contemporary or simple but elegant. In essence, simple styles with clean lines are the trend regardless of the style. Luxurious fabrics on chairs are very much in style. This can add texture to a wooden dining room set. Also, flexibility is also important nowadays so dining room tables with a leaf or two allows for expansion when entertaining.

 Pricing of Tables & Chairs

Purchasing a dining room table is often a large purchase and is usually an investment for many years to come. Prices can depend on many factors. One main factor is the size of the table. The bigger the table, the more expensive the table is. Also, with a bigger table, the number of chairs increase which increases the cost significantly. Another consideration is what the dining room table is made from. A traditional oval or rectangular table made of solid cherry wood is most likely to be more expensive than a trestle table made of wood and metal.

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Modern dining-room.Carved wood chairs
Glass table with leather chairsGlass table on wood frame with matching chairs