Living Room: Lamps

Silver reading lampLamps can accent a living room very well and add extra light where needed. There are different types of lamps, depending on the kind of lighting that is desired.

Types of Lamps

Floor lamps have been used for years, probably in part due to its portability and flexibility. These lamps are perfect for lighting up a dark corner and bringing in some ambient lighting into a living room. They can be very stylish and are easy to replace to keep up with changing trends. As they are so portable, they can be moved if entertaining guests then moved back to their original spaces. Also, floor lamps can be used to balance out a room with tall pieces on one side of the room.

Table lamps are another type of lamp. Table lamps provide additional lighting to a living room but usually not as much as a floor lamp. These lamps can bring in the homeowners sense of style and add some personal touches to a living room. These lamps can vary in size: for a coffee or side table, a console, a small desk etc. Some of these table lamps include: a buffet lamp, a candlestick lamp or a table torchiere.

Prior to adding any type of lamp, look first at the living room – where does the current light not reach, what is the purpose of the room, if reading is being done in the room is there enough light, what does the room need to balance out the height of pieces of furniture etc. Lamps in a living room are one way to express your personal style and add some light and color in a room.

Current Trends in Lamps

Using lamps in a living room will never be replaced and will not go out of style. It can be an easy way to brighten up a living room and update styles in the room. One current trend is a little different use of a floor lamp. A floor lamp shade is mounted on a lighting fixture that has been suspended by the cord from the ceiling. This current trend is becoming more popular and gives a very different effect.

Another trend is to use lamps to balance out a living room. This technique can be used with floor lamps on an opposite wall to another wall with tall pieces of furniture. Integrating this technique using smaller table lamps is also possible. Using a taller buffet lamp to balance out a buffet or a candlestick lamp on a small accent table to balance out the sizes of the pieces of furniture is an easy technique.

Pricing of Lamps

The cost of lamps depends on the size, style and materials selected. An intricately designed floor lamp made of brushed nickel or bronze will be more expensive than a simple brass floor lamp. The same pricing goes for table lamps as well. Typically table lamps are less expensive than a floor lamp, partly due to its size. Overall, lamps are a relatively inexpensive way to brighten up a room or change out a style.


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