Dining Room: Accessories

Well accessorized dining room with a great viewDining room accessories can make a dramatic statement in a room if used correctly. There are many different accessories to choose from, and at all different price points.

Types of Accessories

There are many types of dining room accessories to choose from, depending on the style of your dining room – from bold and fun to elegant but simple. Mirrors in a dining room for instance can make the room appear larger. There are many shapes to choose from – circle, oval, rectangular, wavy, and square – the list goes on. One large mirror in a room may give more of an elegant look while three smaller wavy mirrors may give the room a more fun appeal to it.

Window treatments in a dining room are an especially important accessory. The size and kind of treatment depends on the room as well as the window itself. Some dining rooms have fairly large windows and therefore perhaps long, flowing drapes or sheers to let light in may be appropriate. For smaller windows or smaller dining rooms, typically heavy and dark drapes might be too overpowering in the room. The finials are also a consideration. These are important to match both the style of the curtains themselves as well as the style of the dining room.

Area rugs are another accessory for dining rooms that have hardwood, tile, marble or laminate floors. Area rugs will soften up the space, especially if dark floors have been chosen. Area rugs vary in size but a standard rule is to have 4 feet larger than the width and length of the dining room table. Design rules suggest that there be a border around the room with the floor such that the area rug does not go right to the walls of the room.

Current Trends in Accessories

Trends in window treatments are leaning towards cleaner and less fussy looks. Such treatments may include flat panels, natural wood shades or Roman shades. This gives the dining room a much simpler, cleaner look but can also be elegant. Lightweight fabrics are also in style for draperies. One current style is to drape off a space in the dining room. This creates an air of mystery to the room. Dramatic drapes can also be used to frame an entryway. This can make a striking entrance for visitors entering the dining room.

The use of large framed mirrors is a current trend. Using this type of accessory in a dining room adds depth and dimension to the room, especially if it is on the smaller side. A black, white or neutral frame goes with pretty much any décor and will fit right in.

Pricing of Accessories

Out of all the accessories for a dining room, window treatments and area rugs are probably the ones that are the most expensive. Window treatments can be very expensive depending on size, material and style. Area rugs have similar factors to consider when looking at the price. Other smaller less expensive accessories may include mirrors, some art, and linens.


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