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Home Theater Room with black leather recliner chairsA home theatre can be perfect for movie nights with the family. Home theatres can be a great place to spend time with the family.

Design Ideas for Home Theatres

Most home theatres are found in the basement of the home but if there is a loft in the house, sometimes that is an ideal area for a home theatre. Regardless of where the theatre is, media storage needs to be considered. Ideally, pieces of media equipment should be hidden as much as possible. A closet or built-in cabinet are perfect for this and can look quite attractive. Speakers need not always be hidden – in fact the interesting shape of some speakers may actually increase the aesthetic appeal of the room. Some electronics that are typically found in a home theatre include: a television (sometimes more than one), speakers, stereo system, and a projector.

Furniture in a home theatre includes reclining chairs, sofas and tables. Commonly big, comfortable leather recliners are purchased for a home theatre. Sometimes they have cup holders included or a small table may be placed between the chairs. A coffee table is sometimes used, especially if there are no side tables between chairs. A sofa may also be used instead of theatre chairs or added for extra seating.

Some accessories that may be found in a home theatre include a popcorn maker, theatre signs and wall art. Even concession stands like snow cone stations, cotton candy makers, hot dog stands etc. Framed movie posters are also a necessary accessory for a home theatre.

Current Trends in Home Theatres

Home theatres are actually a current trend in itself. These rooms are becoming very popular and even builders and designers are working home theatres into new home plans. One trend in home theatres is to have minimal obstructions. For example, lights should be recessed into ceilings to avoid lights hanging down in the way of the TV. Speakers where possible should be recessed into walls and ceilings or at least be out of the way. Also, electrical outlets should be hidden in the floor instead of the walls where possible. This makes it a lot easier than having wall outlets and less chance of accidents when lights are off. Floor receptacles also allows for outlets to be easily accessible to chairs and sofas.

Pricing of Home Theatres

The cost for home theatres can be quite high, depending on the style of the room and the cost of the electronics. Simple designs which consist of a large screen TV, a basic sound system and a couch is relatively inexpensive. The price of the home theatre increases dramatically if additional electronics, higher quality seating, recessed lighting and accessories are all introduced into a design. If the homeowner chooses to specially design a room related to a theme, this price can skyrocket.

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