Bedroom: Dressers, Cabinets, Armoirs

White CabinetsStorage in the bedroom is a very important consideration when designing a room or even buying a new bedroom set. Aside from a closet, dressers, cabinets and armoires is a stylish way to increase storage in a bedroom.

Types of Dressers, Cabinets, Armoires

There are many styles of dressers, cabinets and armoires designed to suit every budget and every bedroom. A storage chest can be placed in a bedroom, commonly found at the foot of a bed, and usually holds items that may not be used on a daily basis. Long dressers typically have quite a few drawers and might have a mirror attached to the top of the dresser. Tall dressers are a stack of drawers and are narrower than long dressers. These dressers use up less space than long dressers as they are taller. Double dressers typically hold about six to nine drawers, in rows of three. These dressers take up more space as they are usually longer in length but short in height. Armoires are tall pieces that often have doors. They are sometimes used to store extra linens and pillows – things that are not used on a daily basis. TV armoires in the bedroom are fairly common – an armoire is a place to put the TV and hide it behind the doors when not in use.

Current Trends in Dressers, Cabinets, Armoires

Current trends in bedroom furniture are of a “minimalistic” nature and for dressers, cabinets and armoires the trend is the same. Practicality is popular these days, not pieces of furniture just for show. Ensure that the cabinet you choose is practical in nature and then incorporate fashion into the wall color and style. Armoires in particular have changed in style over the years. Instead of being a giant piece of furniture sitting in a corner of the bedroom, armoires are now being integrated into the bedroom furniture. They also come in many sizes so that armoires can now fit into smaller bedrooms as well. Again, this demonstrates the trend of practicality of dressers, cabinets and armoires instead of just having big, chunky bedroom furniture for looks.

Pricing of Dressers, Cabinets, Armoires

The pricing for dressers, cabinets and armoires vary significantly in price. Workmanship is the main factor in the price of the piece of furniture. Detailed designs, quality of wood, size of cabinet all play a role in the cost. Obviously a small and simple cabinet made of veneered MDF wood will be much less expensive than a large armoire, made of solid cherry wood with scrolled edges. Some people also have custom made dressers and armoires and this would dramatically increase the cost as well. If quality pieces are purchased, these dressers, cabinets and armoires can last for a very long time but the initial investment may be a little high for some.


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