Dining Room: Dish and Dinnerware

White and gold dish place-settingA dining room is not complete without a good set of dishes and dinnerware. There are various styles to choose from, depending on budget restrictions.

Types of Dish and Dinnerware

Fine china, which is actually porcelain, is very popular for those dishes and dinnerware that make an appearance for those special occasions. Fine china come in many patterns including metallic designs that have ribbons running around the plate. This is a very elegant style of fine china.

Everyday dinnerware is the exact opposite of fine china and is a more casual set of dinnerware. Every day dinnerware can be made of many materials including glass, plastic, earthenware and stoneware. This type of dinnerware is much easier to clean than fine china.

Earthenware is a very old type of dinnerware. It is more fragile than other types of dinnerware. This has a natural look to it regardless of whether it is glazed or unglazed.

Stoneware is more susceptible to chips and breakage than earthenware unless other additives are added to the clay. Stoneware gives off a casual look, is microwaveable and is dishwasher safe, making it a more popular choice than others.

Pottery dishes are nice to have in a dining room. They are more durable than other choices and by soaking the pieces in warm water prior to use, it makes it more chip-resistant. As pottery is fired at such a high temperature, it is microwave and dishwasher friendly.

Bone china is a very durable type of dinnerware. It is a ceramic that is has bone ash added to it, increasing the strength as well as giving it a more translucent look. It is also dishwasher and microwave safe, provided there is no metallic detailing. It is a popular choice for everyday dinnerware.

Current Trends in Dish and Dinnerware

Dishes and dinnerware have changed over the years. Gone are the understated dishes with barely any color and homeowners are embracing colorful designs on their dinnerware. Dinnerware sets nowadays are flashy, eye catching and bright. They provide a decorative look in a dining room and can show off a fun style in a traditional or elegant room. Graphics have also become a part of dishes and dinnerware. Weird and whimsical are somewhat preferred over just colorful. Odd sets that are unconventional are being selected over traditional sets.

Pricing of Dish and Dinnerware

Various types of dishes and dinnerware come at different costs. Fine china is undoubtedly the most expensive of all types of dinnerware. They also offer the highest quality of dinnerware. Everyday dishes and dinnerware is much less expensive than fine china which makes people less apprehensive to use on a daily basis. Pottery can also typically be more expensive depending on the pieces chosen. Big, chunky, unique pieces are more costly than bone china pieces. Pottery is often custom-made as well – potters will often accept orders for exactly what the customer wants. Of course this will come at a premium but it is usually worth it.

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