Living Room: Décor Accessories

Living room with white sofa and glass coffee tableDécor accessories in a living room can be reflective of the homeowner’s style of decoration. There are thousands of décor accessories but some are more common than others.

Types of Décor Accessories

Mirrors are often used in living rooms and can give the effect of a larger room if used correctly. Large mirrors or groupings of smaller mirrors are more commonly used. If placed in the living room correctly, light from windows can be reflected, giving the room a more bright and airy feel to it.

Choosing a wall for a photo gallery can give a personal look into the homeowners’ lives and style. Select picture frames that are similar and also try to choose a theme when placing photos on the wall – perhaps travel or family are good themes for a living room.

Framed art is another décor accessory that can be used in a living room.  Large and individual or small groupings of artwork pieces are both commonly used. Frames can easily be changed to reflect different design styles.

Collectibles and antiques such as vases, candlesticks, pottery can also provide some style to a living room.  These items can be places on bookshelves, in cabinets or on a fireplace mantel. Such items can give a living room a more welcome and lived-in appeal as well as reflecting personal style preference.

Current Trends in Décor Accessories

As there are so many different décor accessories, there are also many different trends in how to use décor accessories in a living room. One current trend is to use groupings of small pieces of art on a bare wall or one that has limited furniture. Typically these art pieces are small square or rectangular and can be used in groupings of 3, 4, 6 or 9 depending on the size of the wall. They can create quite a focal point in the room if grouped properly. Canvas art groupings are also becoming popular. Photos of the homeowners can be turned into canvas art and placed on a wall. They can also be grouped similar to framed art and give a personal touch to a living room.

A bar cart is also a fairly popular accessory in a living room. Not only is a bar cart nice looking but it is also practical. Most of these carts are on wheels so they can be moved room from room, depending on where entertaining of guests is taking place. Even the bottle of liquor placed on the cart, along with the glasses can be added accessories and changed to suit the style of the living room.

Pricing of Décor Accessories

Décor accessories in a living room can vary between simple and small to elegant and large. Accordingly, prices of these accessories vary as well. Adding throws and pillows throughout the room can be inexpensive but can enhance the look of the room. Adding occasional pieces of furniture such as bar carts can be much more costly. Cost also depends on personal style. For example, if antiques are being used to accessorize the room, this can be very expensive.

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