Home Office: Chairs

Black modern office chairChairs are an important piece of a home office. Choosing the correct chair can be a daunting task as there are so many styles, shapes and materials to select from.

Types of Chairs

When choosing a home office chair is important to consider certain factors: how much time is spent sitting at the desk, how much support the user requires and what type of activities will be conducted in the home office.

Executive home office chairs are large chairs however they are made to be very comfortable, which is good for people who spend a good amount of time sitting at the desk. They do take up a fair amount of space so it is necessary to only select an executive chair when there is the space available for such a chair in a home office. However, the aesthetic look of an executive office chair may be very appealing, especially one made of wood or leather.

Secretary chairs are much smaller than executive chairs and are perfect for smaller home offices. They can fit in nicely with any type of desk and are very portable. One thing is to consider is support – secretary chairs provide much less support than other types of office chairs. If a lot of time is not spent sitting at the desk, this type of chair may be right for the office.

Mesh back chairs are typically a medium-sized chair. These chairs allow for breathability and are usually very comfortable. While they do not look as nice as an executive office chair, they do look more professional than a secretary chair. These chairs are usually more portable due to their lightweight nature.

 Current Trends in Chairs

Ergonomic chairs in a home office are very popular. These chairs offer lumbar spine support and additional neck and shoulder support. They also offer better positioning when sitting at a computer. The adjustable nature of these chairs makes them perfect for any user, regardless of height or body type.

Another trend in home office chairs is using non-traditional chairs as office chairs. For example, dining room chairs, wingback chairs, Windsor chair and leather or upholstered ottomans are all types of chairs now being used for seating at a home office desk.

Pricing of Chairs

Of all the home office chairs available, executive office chairs are the most expensive. High-end executive chairs made of leather and wood will be the most expensive. There are lower-end executive chairs available which will be less expensive as they will be constructed with plastic parts and blended leather.  Secretary chairs are the cheapest office chair as they are small, less visually appealing and provide much less support. Ergonomic or mesh chairs are often in the middle of these two chairs with regards to price.  The price of these chairs usually depends on the features of the individual chair.

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