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Foyer with staircase and chandelierFoyers are the first glimpse of the interior of a house that guests will see. Therefore, it’s important to have the entryway reflect the decorating style of the house.

Design Ideas for Foyers

There are many layout ideas for a foyer depending on the personal style of decorating of the homeowner. One idea is a dramatic foyer. These foyers are typically painted a bright and bold color, perhaps a purple, pink, red or blue. The accessories in this kind of foyer are just as dramatic as the paint color: perhaps large vases with plants, large paintings on the wall, or large framed mirrors. Smaller accessories that are bright in color may also be placed in around a dramatic foyer. Furniture in a dramatic foyer also includes furniture that is generally large and chunky with some color or may be black and white.

A classic foyer is much more subdued than dramatic foyers. Neutral paint colors on the walls are usually used giving it a simpler look. Accessories tend to be much smaller and again more neutral so that they blend in.  Often classic foyers have little furniture and the furniture tends to fit in well without being large or chunky. An antique piece of furniture may also be found in a classic foyer.

An elegant foyer may be a layout used in a grand home. A chandelier may hang in the middle of the entryway, sending shimmering reflections of light throughout. A mirror is often hung on the wall to make the foyer appear even larger. Simple but elegant pieces of furniture with small, neutral-colored accessories placed on them may be typical of an elegant foyer.

Current Trends in Foyers

Currently more emphasis is placed on a foyer than in the past. Grand entryways are definitely a current trend. These foyers include a few things to make them grand. Typically large trim including baseboards and casings painted white are used in such a foyer. Often hardwood flooring is used throughout the main level with a large rug placed at the front door. The staircase is often visible and is stained the same color as the hardwood with white painted spindles. This type of grand foyer is becoming more and more popular.

Pricing of Foyers

The pricing of a foyer depends entirely on the decorating style used. Entryways can be designed simply and inexpensively or can have a very grand presence with décor that is very expensive. Furniture and accessories play a large role in the pricing of a foyer. Some items may be picked up at a garage sale and re-finished whereas as some modern, larger pieces may be purchased from boutiques and add up to be quite costly. Depending on the budget set aside to create a foyer, there are many layouts and styles that can be used to create a welcoming foyer.

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