Living Room: Coffee Table

Dark Wood Coffee TableCoffee tables are one way to change the look of a living room and perhaps make it more modern. There are vast choices to select from when considering coffee tables.

Types of Coffee Tables

Coffee tables come in many types and sizes so it is relatively easy to find one that suits the design of the living room. The traditional use of a coffee table was rectangular, had four legs and stood two feet from the floor. Standard shapes of coffee tables include square, rectangular, oval and circle. Of course there are always the really different shapes such as triangles, octagons etc to also choose from depending on how eclectic the room style is. Coffee tables also can be made with different materials such as wood, wrought iron, stone, thick plastic and even upholstery. With these choices, it is easy to find a coffee table to fit any living room.

Noguchi coffee tables are tables that have iconic and curvy lines as a base. The tops of these tables are often glass that is freeform. These coffee tables are very different and are traditionally made from wood. The two wooden supports allow the base to be self-supporting and can withstand the heavy plate of glass to be placed on top.

Current Trends in Coffee Tables

These days a coffee table can reflect the style of the living room. The traditional coffee table is still used but with the different sizes and materials, they can still reflect the owner’s style. There are also many other unconventional coffee tables to choose from. Ottoman coffee tables for instance are becoming very popular. These ottomans allow for storage of throws and pillows and incorporate a place to rest feet but also can be used as a coffee table. These tables are very versatile and portable – they can be easily moved across the room and placed wherever needed. If being used as a coffee table, many people will place a large flat tray on top to provide a more stable area for placing drinks and food. These tables work very well for people with children, especially leather ottomans that allow for easy clean up of spills.

A very new and trendy coffee table is the iPhone coffee table. An iPhone table looks like a normal coffee table, has built-in removable coasters and made with corrugate. While the table does not yet have features such as USB connectors, it should not be long before this type of table is created.

Pricing of Coffee Tables

Typically coffee tables for living rooms can be somewhat costly, depending on the size and style. Traditional coffee tables that are rectangular and made of MDF are more budget-friendly than a coffee table made of solid cherry wood or marble. It really depends on the budget when choosing a coffee table as well as the style of décor in the room to decide on a coffee table. Prices can range from $100 for a cheaper coffee table to upwards of a few thousand dollars for very different, more intricately designed and better quality coffee tables.


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