Living Room: Cabinets

Grey cabinet in minimalist living room with yellow sofaStorage in a living room can be very useful for collectibles, pillows and throws as well as books. Depending on the type of storage needed, there are a few different options to choose from.

Types of Cabinets

When considering cabinets for a living room, it is necessary to think about what the storage is being used for. Some purposes of the storage include hiding children’s toys, extra storage for blankets and pillows, showcasing treasures and collectibles, storing books etc. Each of these main purposes of cabinets helps to identify the style that should be chosen.

Bookshelves in a living room can be used to showcase collectibles, display art and house books. Some bookshelves can be thin, small units or can have thick and chunky open shelves depending on the style of the room. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves can give a grand presence in a living room. It can turn a portion of the living room into a reading space if desired. The addition of a rolling library ladder can also have a dramatic effect in a living room.

Built-in cabinets can be designed for the style of the living room. Built-ins are a perfect way to hide clutter, such as kids toys, books and items that are not often used and do not have another specific home in the house.  Built-ins can be stained or painted, with painted white cabinets becoming increasingly popular. Built-ins on the sides of a fireplace can give a beautiful appeal to a living room.

Freestanding cabinets are another option for living rooms. These cabinets can be a part of other furniture in the room or may be purchased separately. Traditionally these cabinets are made of wood and may have some glass cabinet doors, although other materials are also being used for freestanding cabinets.

Current Trends in Cabinets

Cabinets in a living room have traditionally been big, bulky and dark. Nowadays bright, airy and more open is much more popular. Glass fronts and open shelves on the cabinet are also popular and create a more open feel to a living room. This allows personal mementos and treasures to be displayed, giving the room a more personal feel.

Metal bookshelf units are also becoming more popular. Typically these units are installed right onto the wall and they can house books, collectibles and art.  This type of storage is especially aesthetically pleasing in a very open living room with high ceilings. It creates a striking effect, especially if combined with the proper décor accessories.

Pricing of Cabinets

If looking to keep costs down for storage in a living room then perhaps bookshelf units would be the most budget-friendly. Often these units can be do-it-yourself projects which can significantly lower costs. Built-in cabinets can also be less costly, again even more so if made by the homeowner. If a carpenter is hired to create the built-ins the cost increases dramatically. Freestanding cabinets can be costly, depending on the style and finish selected.

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