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The bedding in a bedroom pulls a design together. Bright, bold colors can make a dramatic statement; soft, pastel colors can be calm and relaxing. There are many types of bedding, depending on the style desired.

Types of Bedding

Even though there is a huge selection of bedding, there are some main types of bedding. Bedding is selected by the size of the bed. Quilts are a single covering that is made up of several pieces of cloth that are pieced together. Many quilts are handmade and are passed down through generations. Duvets are also a single covering that is used instead of other blankets, quilts etc. Typically duvets have a cover, which is easily washable and changeable. A comforter is used with other bed sheets and does not use a cover. Blankets can come in many different materials and sizes. Some materials include: wool, fleece, cotton, chenille and velvet. Sheets come in various styles and materials and can be purchased either as separates or in a sheet set. A sheet set consists of a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and pillow cases. While sheets are not as visible as with other pieces of bedding, color-coordinated sheets are generally purchased along with the bedding set.

Current Trends in Bedding

Modern bedding tends to have a lot of dark colors with patterns. Geometrics, organic patterns and bold florals are some popular kinds of design of bedding. This bedding creates a dramatic look with splashes of color and texture. Cozy linens are also currently in style. Cozy, fluffy and soft bedding with lots of throw pillows create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere in a bedroom. Organic cottons are also popular in bedding trends. People who are environmentally conscious may choose organic cottons for their bedding, specifically sheet sets. Another hot trend is a focus on black and white print bedding with splashes of color. For instance, perhaps a simple black and white comforter with bright pink, electric blue or turquoise sheets and throw pillows.

Pricing of Bedding

Bedding can range in price, depending on quality, designer, number of pieces and so on. Although keep in mind that bedding can be found that fits within any budget. Typically bedding bought separately by a designer will be much more expensive than other bedding. Separate pieces of bedding can include sheets, duvet cover or comforter, pillow shams, coverlet, bed skirt, and curtains. Usually buying all these pieces separately can really add up in price. For a cheaper route that will give a well-coordinated look, a bed-in-a-bag is a great choice. A bed-in-a-bag has all the necessary bedding pieces – a duvet cover or comforter, a sheet set, pillow shams and possibly throw pillow covers and a bed skirt. Usually the bed-in-a-bag offers great value and because all the pieces are well-coordinated, additional pieces do not need to be purchased separately.


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