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Luxurious Hotel Bed Frame with Tall Posts A bed frame is used to support a mattress and the foundation under the mattress. The main purpose of a bed frame is to provide stability for the bed. There are several kinds of bed frames, all varying in price and size.

Types of Bed Frames

One very simple bed frame is a metal bed frame that sits on casters. Most metal bed frames come with some decoration and may be painted. Wooden bed frames can be painted or stained to match conventional home décor. Either metal or wooden bed frames come in many different styles. There are space-saving styles such as Murphy (wall) beds, bunk beds, sofa beds, trundle beds and futons. If space is not an issue then large canopy (four poster) beds, king size beds and sleigh beds are just a few styles from which to choose. Bed frames come in different sizes – twin/single, double/full, queen, king and California king. Space, personal preference and price are all factors when selecting a bed frame.

Current Trends in Bed Frames

Wooden bed frames are very common in today’s market. They range in style – some are elegant with intricate designs, some are painted, and some have elaborate designs. Wooden beds tend to be more solid and resistant, making them a popular choice. There are many types of wooden bed frames, depending on the kind of wood the frame is made of. Their popularity continues to increase as both modern and more traditional frames are appealing and can withstand the changing trends. Black bed frames are also increasing in popularity, albeit a little more slowly. Their style can work in many types of bedrooms, regardless of other furniture and color scheme in the room or whether the room is for a male or female. These bed frames exude a very modern vibe however; black bed frames may be a jump into something a little too trendy for many people. People may think a black bed frame is too dark in a room or that it does not fit in with the overall design of the room. Care should be taken when selecting a bed frame to ensure that the end result is what the purchaser had in mind for the room.

Pricing of Bed Frames

As with many fixtures factors in the pricing of bed frames include size, quality, design and type of material. As wooden bed frames are so popular, it is easy to find cheaper ones that are simple in design. Once the design is more intricate the price of the bed frame rises. The quality and type of wood used can significantly raise the price as well. Bed frames made of real wood are much more expensive than a frame made of MDF that is veneered. Brass or metal bed frames are also very common and are reasonably priced. Specialty beds like Murphy beds, bunk beds, four poster beds etc can become very expensive, depending on the design and material used.

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