Kitchen: Small Appliances

Isolated MixerSmall appliances typically make everyday living easier. These appliances are often hidden but need to be considered due to their convenience in a kitchen.

Types of Small Appliances


Contemporary kettles typically are stovetop, electric or whistling. They come in different materials including stainless steel, chrome, ceramic, aluminum, copper and even iron. Stainless steel kettles are most popular over other kinds, largely in part due to its light weight, durability and bright finish.


Modern toasters can be either pop-up or toaster ovens, depending on the purpose of the toaster. Toaster ovens are typically much larger than toasters but can perform more functions. The features of a toaster oven allow it to perform similar function as ovens but on a smaller scale.


There are two main types of mixers: stand or hand-held. Stand mixers are larger and more powerful than hand-held mixers however they also take up significantly more space. Most home stand mixers include different accessories such as a wire whip, flat beater and dough hook and additional attachments can be purchased.


Blenders can vary from one to another however they all perform similar functions. These functions include mixing and crushing ice, emulsifying mixtures, making smooth purees, reducing small solids to powders, blending powders and liquids and helping to dissolve solids into liquids.

Bread Machine

Bread machines/makers are becoming more popular in modern kitchens. These small appliances have different cycles for different kinds of dough. Some features that may vary from one machine to the next include dough settings, delay timers that allow the machine to activate at certain time, and custom programmed cycles.

Current Trends in Small Appliances

Small appliances that are attractive in style and color are more often allowed to be kept on kitchen counters. Gone are the days when these appliances needed to be hidden away and only brought out when they were going to be used. Stand mixers in fact are becoming a part of many kitchen designs, with dedicated space being given to them. Toaster ovens and bread machines are also often kept out on the counter, especially higher-end, stainless steel ones. As the trends of kitchens are practicality and efficiency, the convenience of small appliances is more recognized.

Pricing of Small Appliances

Small appliances are not even comparable in price to large appliances however these appliances can still add up. Depending on the style and number of features, prices between kinds of small appliances can vary. Some small appliances need features factored in to determine whether the price is right. Convenience also plays a role in price. The more convenient the small appliance is, i.e. whether it performs similar functions as a larger appliance, the more likely the cost will increase. Consideration needs to be given to whether these features are useful and worthwhile before purchasing.

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