Dining Room: Lighting

Elegant Chandelier in Warm Dining RoomLighting in a dining room should be used to create focal points in the room and define the area for activities like eating and conversation. Therefore, lighting should be given a fair amount of thought before purchase.

Types of Lighting

Hanging light fixtures in a dining room is popular. They can give off an elegant look as well as providing the lighting needed for the room. Chandeliers are a type of hanging fixture that are often used and can be simple or extravagant in their design. Chandeliers often have crystals that reflect light around the room. Pendant lights also give focused light in a dining room. A single pendant light can easily draw the eyes upward in the dining room, giving the room a larger look. Chandeliers and pendant lights hung over a beautiful dining room table can bring the room to life. Recessed lighting, such as a multi-head fixture can add sparkly light around the room, provided that this lighting is used correctly. Recessed lighting needs to be placed strategically around the dining room and can be adjusted to ensure one area of the room is not flooded with light. Sconces can be added on select walls in a dining room to create ambience in addition to other main types of lighting. Dimmers on lighting fixtures are also quite popular. Dimmers avoid flooding certain areas or guests in light and can save on electricity.

Current Trends in Lighting

The current key to lighting in the dining room is to not overdo the lighting. Many people may fall into this trap as the room is an open space and for some, a large space. Keeping lighting simple is better than adding too many fixtures. A trend becoming more popular is up-lights in a dining room. These lights are recessed into the floor and can be adjusted to place focus on specific areas or items in a room. These lights make important art, wall hangings and sculptures focal points in the room.

Drum pendant lights are becoming more popular in dining rooms and are replacing traditional chandeliers. They offer a sleeker look and are more informal. They come in numerous finishes and patterns. There are also combinations of drum pendants and chandeliers. These hanging fixtures offer an elegant and are a unique hybrid of pendant and chandelier fixtures. Metallic finishes are also quite popular. Finishes such as chrome and nickel give a sleek look that is modern. These finishes can be used in chandeliers, pendants, sconces and other lighting designs. The metallic finish of any lighting chosen for a dining room can give an updated, modern look.

Pricing of Lighting

Pricing of lighting in a dining room can be more expensive than other rooms in a house. Lighting in a dining room is typically more elegant and spacious and therefore spending more a lighting does make sense. Recessed lighting can be just as expensive as a large chandelier. Adding recessed lighting in the ceiling or up-lighting in the floor can be costly and typically require more time and skill than just replacing a current fixture. Wall sconces and pendant light might be more budget-friendly, depending on material and finish.

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