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Wicker furniture in green sunroomSunrooms have many functional purposes but they also can be very stylish. These rooms can be used all year round, letting sunshine in.

Design Ideas for Sunrooms

Sunrooms can be created to be used all year round if desired. Many people turn a used or little used room into a bright sunroom or may build on an addition to house such a room. One idea might even be to turn an old porch that is in disrepair into a sunroom. Heating can be integrated into the design of the room if desired. In some climates this may not be necessary; in colder climates perhaps heating is added or the sunroom may only be used certain months of the year. Fireplaces can be commonly found as well in sunrooms, giving the room some added heat for cooler months but also adds aesthetic appeal. The size of the sunroom depends on how much space is available. Some homes can allow for a large sunroom but others may have long and narrow sunrooms.

Bright, large windows are common for a sunroom. There may even be French doors added to the room which gives easy access to the outside. This is especially advantageous if there is a pool in the backyard for those summer months.

Furniture and décor accessories can be purchased to suit any design style. Some sunrooms warrant small pieces of furniture including chairs and tables meanwhile others can store full size tables for eating. Sofas, reclining chairs, chaise lounges and area rugs can all be incorporated into the design of the sunroom.

Current Trends in Sunrooms

As many people are choosing to renovate their houses instead of moving into new homes, additions for extra space are becoming common. Therefore sunrooms are becoming more common as they provide extra space. Many sunrooms are added to have extra space for dining and relaxing. Having a reading nook in a sunroom with a comfortable chair or chaise lounge is quite popular. Another popular trend when building a sunroom is to use windows as the ceiling. This makes the room even more bright and sunny. On days when it’s raining or snowing, people may gather in the room to enjoy the weather.

Bright and airy sunrooms are quite popular. The use of white and beige colors is prominent in a sunroom. Rarely are dark colors used in such a bright space. Big, bulky furniture are not used but instead lighter furniture such as wicker, light fabrics etc are common.

Pricing of Sunrooms

Sunrooms can be a costly investment, especially if the space is not readily available. Having to build an addition or renovating a space to create a sunroom can be an expensive venture, although the price is usually worth it. The windows in a sunroom can also be very costly, depending on the size and the number of windows used. If heating is needed in the room, that can also raise the cost. An alternative may be a fireplace for extra heat as well as visual appeal. Outfitting the furniture and décor accessories in a sunroom can be much less expensive depending on the style of the room.

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