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Simple white desk and chairHome office desks can vary greatly depending on the user’s needs and style of the home office. It is important to consider how the desk will be used and the different functions it needs to meet before making a purchase.

Types of Desks

Home office desks can vary in size, shape, style and finish. They can be made of wood, metal or glass. Writing desks are very simple as they are just flat tops with simple legs. It may have one drawer underneath the top for storage. Typically these desks are used for writing and not for computer use. They are generally found in very small offices.

Computer desks accommodate the use of computers and likely have a keyboard tray, monitor stand and possibly a cabinet to store a CPU. Another feature is that the top may have holes to run cables through to keep them out of the user’s way.

Cabinet desks are another style of desk and can be built into cabinets. They often have cabinet doors that can close to hide away the typical desk items and clutter when not in use. This kind of desk is integrated into the cabinets of the home office and typically has a grander presence than other desks.

Another feature that some home office desks have is bookshelves mounted to the top of the desk. This is usually found on freestanding desks. These bookshelves add additional storage space that is within reach of the user. Freestanding desks also offer more drawers for files, pens, paper, printer, docking stations etc.

Current Trends in Desks

One current trend in home office desks is to have a built-in desk. These may use an entire wall or part of one. Built-ins are usually created with the end user helping to design the desk to suit their needs. Features such as storage, accessibility, computer component needs etc are all taken into consideration when designing a built-in desk. Built-in storage space above and around the desk can also be incorporated into the design. Shelving above the desk can include space for wire baskets, storage boxes etc that are easily accessible.

Another trend in home office desks is to re-use existing furniture from other areas of the house and re-design them into desks. For instance, kitchen cabinets with countertops are becoming popular pieces for a desk. The cabinets typically can hold a lot and are useful in shape. The countertops provide a smooth writing surface as well as a width that is favorable for accommodating computers and its components.

Pricing of Desks

Home office desks can vary greatly depending on size, shape, materials and features. The materials can range from particle board to solid wood, metals as well as glass. Simple desks made of particle board are usually fairly inexpensive. Large, L-shaped desks made of expensive hardwoods, such as cherry wood will be significantly more expensive.

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