Living Room: Flooring

Black hardwood flooring in new homeChoosing flooring in a living room has many factors to consider: décor style of the room, budget, primary use of the room and lifestyle of the owners.

Types of Flooring

Wood floors provide beauty and warmth to a living room. Over the years, wood floors have become more durable as well as affordable. Solid wood floors which can be refinished when desired or needed may have a higher investment initially but will hold their value well.

Laminate floors are a cheaper option than solid wood floors. Laminate flooring now comes in many different styles and finishes, often more than solid wood choices. This kind of flooring is stain-resistant but is not scratch-resistant.

Terra-cotta tiles are a different option in living rooms but an option that can have a beautiful effect. These tiles usually have an orange hue to them so there are some limiting styles and colors when decorating a room with terra-cotta tiles. These floors are more common in warmer climates as they can be colder to the touch. They do require some maintenance and are not entirely stain-resistant, especially with the grout.

Of course there is also wall-to-wall carpeting that is still very common in a living room. Carpet tends to warm a room, both physically and aesthetically. Area rugs can also be used on wall to wall carpeting to break up a large living room and create a seating space. Self-stick carpet tiles are an alternative to wall-to-wall carpeting and are usually a less expensive choice. These tiles are easy to lay down and can be installed over various subfloors. In case of spills, these tiles are also easy to pull up and replace.

Current Trends in Flooring

The use of area rugs in a living room placed over wood floors in the biggest trend in flooring, however there are also some less traditional types of flooring that are becoming more popular.

Polished concrete floors can give a living room a more sleek and understated effect. These floors can be stained to mimic stone, tile or even leather. It is usually less costly than stone or tile. Polished concrete floors are considered a chic and versatile type of material for flooring in a living room.

Another style becoming more popular is slate tiles. These rough-cut tiles often project an earthy and natural look to a room. This flooring is pet-proof and stain-resistant as long as it is maintained properly. Keep in mind that if anything is dropped on the floor, it won’t be as forgiving as other types of flooring and it is colder on the feet so a rug may be necessary.

Pricing of Flooring

For budget-friendly choices in living room flooring, carpet tiles or wall-to-wall carpeting is the least costly type of flooring. Laminate floors are less expensive than real wood floors initially however as real wood lasts longer, over time it can end up being a more affordable choice. Terra-cotta tiles, slate and polished concrete styles can all be more expensive to install as well as to maintain over the years.

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