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Large bright laundry roomLaundry rooms are very useful spaces, especially for storage however many people do not think about how to organize or lay out the space to maximize the room.

Design Ideas for Laundry Rooms

Laundry room organization is important. There are multiple ways to organize a laundry room once the needs of the room have been considered. Consider what kind of things are washed in a laundry room, is a laundry tub necessary, is extra storage space required, what kind of things are stored in the laundry room, what other purposes does the laundry room have besides just washing and drying clothes. All these factors should be considered before designing a laundry room.

In order to increase efficiency in a laundry room, simple storage solutions are available. Installing shelving is the obvious choice when organizing a laundry room. It is typically beneficial to have at least some open shelves. Depending on the items to store, open shelves may be sufficient; if not, adding upper cabinets or freestanding cabinet units may also be beneficial. Closet rods with a shelf above are especially useful in a laundry room as it allows clothes that need to hang to dry or needs to be pressed to be hung out of the way. If a counter is not already installed it may be useful to install one. If space does not permit a full size counter, a fold-away table that folds up out of the way when not in use may be quite beneficial.   Some additional features such as soap dispensers, roll-out shelves, towel bars etc can also be incorporated into the design.

Current Trends in Laundry Rooms

Nowadays designers and renovation specialists are giving much more thought to the design of a laundry room than in the past. Some considerations include efficiency, storage, function and lighting. One new trend is to have a laundry room with a view. Having a window that overlooks the backyard, garden or woods can be very relaxing, depending on how much time is spent in the room. Another trend is a combination mud room and laundry room. This is becoming increasingly popular. With this design, storage for coats, footwear, umbrellas etc should also be taken into consideration. Another design trend is built-in ironing boards. These built-ins often include racks, pull-out drawers for irons and smaller items.

Pricing of Laundry Rooms

The cost of the organization of a laundry room depends on what the needs of the household are. In some laundry rooms, inexpensive and simple open shelving would complete the room; in other homes, a complete re-design to integrate a mud room with a laundry room is necessary. This kind of organization requires much more thinking, designing, effort and money to make functional. Cabinets with doors are also more expensive than just open shelves with baskets etc. Additional features such as task lighting, soap dispensers, roll-out shelves etc can all add up in costs as well.

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